public domain wireless geolocation database

521,176 networks
15,666 beacons
21,640 towers
51 countries


beaconDB has recently started to accept submissions. to add coverage for your area you can use the following apps on your phone:

data you submit will be aggregated and shared under a public domain license. for more information on how your data is handled, see the privacy notice.


beaconDB is experimental and should not be used by critical services

if you own an Android phone running the latest preview version of microG, you can easily give beaconDB a spin without needing to install anything. in microG Settings on the Location page, pressing the three dots in the top right lets you set a custom service URL. you can set this to to give beaconDB a try.

as beaconDB is starting from scratch there is likely no wifi coverage for your area. if beaconDB can't estimate your location using wifi, it will fallback to an approximate cell tower location sourced from MLS' final data dump. note that submissions will take at least 5 minutes to become available in the beaconDB API.


beaconDB hosts an endpoint at which is compatible with Ichnaea's request format. if your software has a large amount of users, please don't use this as a default location service. beaconDB infrastructure is not yet capable of handling a large amount of requests.

data dumps are currently not available as I'm still researching the measures I need to take to protect the privacy of both contributors and AP owners.